Career Profile

Very passionate, curious and committed full stack software engineer.

Strong system design and distributed system architecture skills.

Skilled in all phases of the software development lifecycle; expert in translating business requirements into technical solutions.

Good practices advocate. Avid reader. Enthusiastic team player.

Languages with working experience: Elixir, Javascript, Java, PHP

Latest Experiences

Senior Software Engineer

09/2018 - present
Nested, London

Full stack developer, using Elixir and React to develop a real estate agency platform.

Main technologies and practices used:

  • Elixir
  • Javascript/React
  • Test Driven Development
  • Google Cloud Platform
  • ELK + Prometheus(Logging, monitoring and metrics)

Software Engineer Team Lead

03/2017 - 09/2018
Flyt, London

As a Software Engineer Team Lead, I actively participated to architectural design, development and support of a number of in-house and client based applications, utilizing mainly PHP, NodeJs, Typescript.

I held numerous in-house speeches introducing Domain Driven Design, Context Mapping, Functional Testing and Microservices Architecture, followed by practical implementation and adoption from the teams throughout the whole company.

I contributed to the architecture of core business projects, suggesting and implementing a distributed architecture to allow scaling and maintainability in the long term.

I significantly contributed to the overall awareness of the teams about technical debt, proposing, explaining and justifying solutions to practically reduce it.

I attended a 2 days Microservices Workshop (Sam Newman) with the intent of divulging the acquired knowledge to the rest of the engineering team.

I was responsible for software engineering recruiting.

Main technologies and practices used:

  • PHP 7
  • Typescript
  • Node JS
  • Golang
  • Symfony 3/4 (PHP)
  • Domain Driven Design
  • Test Driven Development
  • AWS/Kubernetes
  • ELK + Prometheus(Logging, monitoring and metrics)

Software Engineer

01/2016 - 03/2017
LendInvest, London

Collaborate with developers, QA, product owners in an AGILE environment to release a new, enhanced web application for the financial market.

Faced many challenges to optimise performance and scalability. Integrate many third party system considering interchangeability (loose coupling) and reliability.

Helped debug and resolve critical software issues reported daily with rapid turnaround.

Main technologies and practices used:

  • PHP 7
  • Symfony 3
  • Doctrine
  • Docker
  • Rest Api
  • Microservices architecture
  • AWS
  • Domain Driven Design (DDD)
  • TDD
  • CQS
  • JIRA for management of stories and tasks

Software Engineer

01/2015 - 01/2016
Chupamobile, Rome

Migrate an App Mobile ecommerce from a legacy Yii platform into a more reliable, modern and tested architecture based on microservices using Silex, Symfony, Docker and AWS. Our team collaborated on a daily base with other 2 remote teams located in Milan and in Poland.

Software Engineer

08/2014 - 01/2015
Terravision Group, Rome

Enhancement and further development of an online automated bus ticket ecommerce application (Symfony2/Redis/NodeJs/Mysql) operating in Italy and England. Multilanguage and multicurrency support, high scalability, performance optimisation.

Software Engineer

04/2013 - 08/2014
QM Srl, Rome

Development of complex back-end application built to manage all the aspect of a little (tending to medium) italian company, from accountability to operational behaviours. Symfony 2 based with MongoDB, jQuery, nodejs.

Magento/Wordpress plug-ins development and customisations.